Valentine’s Bouquet Special

I am proud to announce the newest addition to the bakery shelves (and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

A Cupcake Bouquet!


Delight your valentine with a bouquet of 17 miniature cupcakes arranged in a delightful array and settled atop a pretty pail. Each ‘rose’ is decorated in buttercream frosting.

When placing your order, you can choose between vanilla or chocolate cupcakes. You can also specify up to 3 colours for rose colors.

Price: $20.00 each



Beautiful Basics


As much fun as I have making elaborately decorated cakes, I find great joy in making dozens of basic cupcakes. I enjoy it even more when the swirls of frosting twist onto the dozens of cupcakes in marvelous roses. It’s often in the basics, that you find elegance.


Great tasting cake is always my goal. It’s even more important when your final project requires the cake to shine. It is essential to make sure you use your trustworthy recipes for this kind of project.


These basic cupcakes made an elegant statement at an engagement party.

Silly Shopkins


Who wouldn’t want a bag full of Shopkins jumping out of a cake to wish you happy birthday? I’d personally rather have a bunch of cake decorating supplies, but I’m not a 7 year-old little girl!

Rather than recreate one of the hundreds of Shopkins figurines, I was inspired to create the bag the little toys arrive in. Then spilling out of the top, a pile of little figurines (these were provided from the little girl’s personal collection).

The cake is a towering 6 layers of white cake held together with perfectly pink buttercream frosting. Despite its towering height, the cake was roughly 5 inches by 7 inches. Just the right size for a small birthday party.


The outside of the cake is covered in modeling chocolate to create the bag stripes and logo.


Snowman in Summer

This cake was really fun to make! Who doesn’t love a snowman at the beach?!


This is a half sheet cake. It is a white cake with strawberry filling. The cake is covered in a delightful blue buttercream frosting. Sadly, I don’t have a photo of the inside of the cake.


Olaf was painstakingly cut from modeling chocolate. He is dancing on a beach of cookie crumbs.


We can’t forget the nose. My husband molded that from modeling chocolate and painted it with food coloring. Isn’t it marvelous?!


Anyone else want their very own snowman in summer?


The Great BB-8 Cake


We have this friend who loves Star Wars. A lot. Maybe more than a lot. He also happens to be an artist. He creates amazing things. He recently spent some time creating things for the latest Star Wars movie. He had landed his dream job. Did I mention he loves Star Wars?

We recently celebrated his birthday which meant I finally had an excuse to make a full on BB-8 cake.


I started with a basic white cake and changed out the vanilla for orange flavoring. The frosting also got orange flavoring. The result was a orange creamsicle flavor. Yum!


I followed this marvelous tutorial from How to Cake It for guidance. Rather than using fondant, I used modeling chocolate to cover the cake. I’ve found it’s a little easier to work with, tastes a little better, and is much easier to make. The results are still stunning.



Honey Lemon Cake


The Bakery 64 Site is slowly coming along. I’ve been fussing with the home page for a few months now and finally decided to start publishing on the blog page even without the home page being done.


One of the things I enjoy about baking is that there is always something new to learn or try or test. In a given week, I probably save 5-6 recipes that I want to test out. There are many decorating techniques that I want to learn and improve upon.


Last weekend provided me the opportunity to test a new recipe and a fun decorating skill. I follow The Cake Blog as a source of inspiration. I used the Honey Cupcake recipe shared a few years ago to create this Honey Lemon Cake.


The only change I made was to bake the batter as a layer cake than cupcakes. The recipe for 12 cupcakes was perfect for my 6-inch pans.I used my homemade lemon curd for the filling to give a little tang to each bite.


I also made the honey cream cheese frosting. I did add a little milk to make the piping of the frosting easier. I’ve seen pulled-dot frosting on a few cakes recently and wanted to test it out. It takes a little time, but the final effect it worth it.


The end result was a delicious yellow layer cake with a hint of honey taste. Filled with a tangy lemon curd. Decorated with honey infused buttercream frosting.


Want this cake for yourself? A 6-inch 2 layer cake is $20 from my shop. Just click on the contact me tab and send me a message.